ThinkTiny Volume #1

A packed newsletter of unique and tiny living!

Unique Short Term Rentals

1. Tiny Home Getaway in Del Valle, Texas

This 240 square feet tiny home is equipped with 1 loft bed, and 1 bath. With tons of natural light, this tiny home feels as spacious as they come. Sustainably built with a unique raised roof, this tiny home is a perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life!

  • Rentable by the night

  • 240 square feet

  • A unique plot of land in Del Valle, Texas

Del Valle, Texas Getaway

2. The Hudson Valley, NY Glass House

Nestled in the orchards and vineyards of the scenic Hudson Valley, New York, this 180 square foot tiny home is an easy escape from New York City. Just 90 minutes from the city, you wouldn’t believe such beauty and space can exist so close. With lavender fields surrounding you on a 30-acre farm, it should not be a surprise if wildlife comes right up to one of the large glass windows surrounding the home.

  • Rentable by the night

  • 180 square feet

  • On a 30 acre farm with lavender fields

  • Located around the orchards and vineyards of Marlboro, NY

Hudson Valley Glass House

3. A Converted Silo Cottage

Located in Tyringham, Massachusetts, this unique silo takes you away from normal life and into relaxation. With a beautiful view and queen-sized bed, this is truly an amazing place for a couple to enjoy a nice relaxing stay. Located on the Santarella Estate in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts the grounds are open to guests boasting garden paths, a babbling brook with stone bridges, ponds, and more. It is truly scenic beauty!

  • Rentable by the night

  • Surrounded by nature and beauty

  • On the Santarella Estate in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts

  • Perfect for couples

Massachusetts Silo Cottage

Unique Homes For Sale

1. 208 Sq Ft Tiny House On Wheels ($33,999)

  • 6X8 loft, stairs, 4X8 bathroom, 9000 BTU mini-split HVAC, interior trim & paint, flooring, led strip lighting

  • 208 square feet

  • Off-grid model available

  • Different models

  • Built by BIGHEART Tiny House Co

208 Sq Ft Tiny Home By BigHeart

2. 153 Sq Ft Studio Tiny Home ($72,000)

  • Sleeps two people

  • 153 square feet

  • Open, studio-like concept

  • Kitchen, bathroom, workspace, and bedroom

Open Studio Tiny Home

3. Luxurious Finished Tiny Home ($45,000)

  • 210 Sq Ft with loft

  • LifeProof vinyl hardwood flooring, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances

  • Spacious bathroom

  • Two skylights

Luxurious Tiny Home

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